Megan & Justin/Crosley Estate Wedding/ Sarasota, FL

Monday, October 13, 2014

Megan + Justin/ Crosley Estate Mansion, Sarasota, FL
Some stories are just worth telling…
More than Ten years ago Megan and Justin worked together as teenagers.  One day Megan shared with Justin about some letters she had written to her future husband.   Justin being the typical 16 year old guy thought this was a little shy of crazy, yet also a bit extraordinary for a girl his age.   Fast forward a number of years.  Justin began to work with the youth at his church.  One evening he was able to speak to the kids about issues of wisdom and purity.  He remembered the stunning girl so may years ago. She had written some letters to her future husband; thanking God for him and wanting him to now she was waiting for him whoever he was, in more ways than one.  Justin thought he might let that girl of long ago know that her actions had inspired him and a lot of other teens as well to do likewise.
Megan continued to write letters as the years went on.  Waiting and wondering if and when she would meet that special someone.  Just as she was in one of the worst times of her life a Facebook message from a random guy came through.  As Megan read the message she wondered who he was.  After a brief reminder she recalled Justin from high school, and thought it was sweet of him to contract her.
Not too much later Megan found herself a little lost having strayed from the plans she knew that God had placed in her heart long ago.  She needed help but hadn’t anyone to turn to. Then she thought of Justin.  She thought perhaps he would be willing to help.  Well it turns out he was.  Due to the fact that he is a fire fighter, Justin is a bit of a rescuing type of guy.  And that is just what he did.  He drove across the state, helped Megan move away from her old life and back home again.  Megan reinstated her walk with Jesus.  As they both continued to seek the Lord and focus on becoming the person the person they were looking for was looking for, they grew closer and closer. 

Last month I had the extraordinary pleasure of photographing this beautiful union. Megan beautifully presented her groom- to -be those precious letters she began so long ago just for him.  It is truly one of the most sublime moments I have had the privilege to witness. So now I have the pleasure of sharing some of the moments of this day with you.