This is my Prince Charming! I simply couldn't resisit the perfect light outside the Art Institute of Chicago in the beautiful Millineum park. There were actually three wedding shoots going on around us. I guess great minds think alike. Or perhaps it's monkey see, monkey do. Either way perfect light and texture is what we photographers love. Throw in a great subject and Voila!
Life is sweet, Prince Charming is sweeter!

Life without training wheels

Friday, November 4, 2011

Okay so I know that most people learn to ride a bike when they are 4 0r 5 however, my Summer is not the most fearless kid on the block. Finally, at the ripe old age of seven, in a manner of minutes and a few falls along the way Summer learns to ride without those trusted training wheels. It did take a little encouragement from her dad and sister a long with a some peer pressure from the neighbors. It just goes to show, a little tenacity goes a long way, on both her part and ours. I feel like we all need this renewed sense of accomplishment in life.  Sometimes, even the small things that remain undone leave us frustrated.  Finally mustering up the courage to try try again even if it is a day late, gives us a sense of satisfaction that can not be manufactured or bought. Summer went to bed that night ecstatic, exclaiming " I am sooooo happy for myself!" A little accomplishment even in the small things can really renew our spirits. Thankfully I got home just in time to snap a few pictures...
Life is sweet, accomplishment is sweeter!